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A Patriot Defends Israel to Start the New Year

My hope for the New Year is that increasing numbers of Americans will strengthen their resolve to restore the Republic in America. This will require individuals around the country to stand up and be counted on various public policy and cultural issues. Unfortunately, political correctness has infected the fabric of our culture to the point that many feel uncomfortable making definitive statements about right and wrong. Thankfully, however, we have leaders such as Brigitte Gabriel who can show by their example how to give an impassioned and well reasoned defense of a given proposition concerning cultural or political reform.

Through Ms. Gabrielā€™s dedicated efforts over several decades, she has built the largest grassroots organization in America concerning defense and national security issues, Act for America. For a glimpse of what an inspired patriot looks and sounds like, please see the video of her uncompromising defense of Israel ( that includes a stinging rebuke of the Obama administrationā€™s duplicity in regard to the recent UN initiative regarding Israel. ā€“ Mike Gemmell

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  1. The creation of Israel depended on stealing the land owned by others.

    It is an international crime.

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