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ROAR’s mission is “to improve human life in the U.S. and beyond by restoring the Republic in America and its distinctive institution of individual rights.” For first-time visitors and those unfamiliar with why and how America’s foundation of individual rights has been damaged, we recommend beginning with Our Defining Spirit essay.

No structure whether it be a building or a system of ideas can long survive without a solid foundation. Strengthening America’s foundation of individualism is the mission of Restore Our American Republic.

Issues We Address

  • Re-establishing the understanding that America is a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy.
  • Demonstrating the superiority of principle-based approaches over rule-based approaches to laws and regulations (e.g., property rights approaches for pollution control/remediation issues)
  • Developing practical and ethical approaches to political and cultural reform consistent with our foundation of individual rights
  • Developing specific proposals to lessen excessive legal/regulatory burdens through the development of initiatives, referendums, and other grassroots-based activities.
  • Demonstrating the value of property rights approaches to land, resource use and waste disposal issues.

Benefits We Provide

  • Communicating principled, effective ideas and actions to initiate political and cultural reform from an individual rights perspective via written essays, podcasts, blog posts, and in-person speeches.
  • Showing how and why arguments for promoting reform from an individual rights perspective should be framed in terms of fundamental personal values to counter the entitlement mentality of the welfare state.
  • Demonstrating the viability of grassroots approaches in cultural / political reform
  • Countering indoctrination and misinformation in the education system concerning free enterprise, business and industrial practices, and environmentalism
  • Providing education programs to counter misinformation on a variety of subjects including:
    • Misinformation regarding America’s history and the development of the free enterprise system
    • Challenging anti-industrial ideology disguised as science (e.g., climate change theory)
    • Showing how energy independence is not a threat to environmental protection.
    • Demonstrating why we are not running out of resources or drowning in pollution
    • Addressing the definitions of important terms often used as a means to undermine our foundation of individualism such as: “sustainability,” “social justice,” “public interest,” and “equality.”


Mike Gemmell has spoken on a diverse range of topics from addressing environmental issues from a free enterprise perspective to applying the principle of individual rights to business, industrial, and cultural practices. Please call or email us to make arrangements for him to speak to your group. For information on his professional background, please click here.

Podcasts / Webinars

Custom-made podcasts and webinars can be developed for individuals and groups for any of the topics listed above in Issues we Address or Benefits we ProvideTo listen to our podcasts on selected topics, please click here.

Education / Training

Custom-made training courses can be developed for individuals and groups for any of the topics listed above in Issues we Address or Benefits we Provide.Please call or email us to discuss how we can create a custom-made course for your group or organization.


Consulting arrangements are available to develop strategies for developing principle-based approaches to reform including proposals to lessen excessive legal/regulatory burdens through the development of initiatives, referendums, and other approaches. Please call or email us so we can make arrangements to discuss your situation.

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Books & Publications that
Put ROAR’s Mission Into Action

How to STOP the LOSS of Freedom in America and RESTORE Your RIGHTS

Solving America’s Greatest Conflict:

The Public Interest -vs- Private Rights

  • Society as a whole is not a living entity; it is an abstraction, or concept.
  • Society does not experience, feel, or think, only individuals within a society can do that.
  • Because society as a whole is not alive, it cannot have interests or moral status.
  • Rights, interests and moral status can only be protected for individuals, not societies.

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Author Mike Gemmell

Mike Gemmell

Mike Gemmell is the Founder and President of Restore Our American Republic (ROAR). Prior to founding ROAR, he was a geologist specializing in groundwater resource development, a technical writer, and a freelance writer addressing environmental and other cultural issues.

Prior to the founding of ROAR, I worked for 11 years as a hydro-geologist and 16 years as a technical writer documenting business processes and products. During that time I wrote polemical pieces on the destructive aspects of the environmentalism philosophy and offered a pro-human standard of value as an alternative to the mainstream environmentalist approach to resource depletion and pollution issues. (My essay “Environmentalism Humanized” in Liberty for the 21st Century on the ROAR website presents a summary of that work.)

In recent years I have broadened my focus to include other areas of our culture affected by the decaying foundation of individualism, including politics, business, economics, science, education, and art/culture. ROAR will present approaches toward the strengthening of America’s foundation in these areas as well as championing the work of activists and organizations working to restore the republic in America.

Restore Our American Republic August 6, 2017