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A Woman of Principle We Need in Public Office

Dear Friends and Freedom Lovers:

With this correspondence I am doing something I very rarely do–publicly endorse a candidate for political office. I am doing so because I believe Lauren Boebert—a candidate for Congress in Colorado—is the exception to the rule of unprincipled representatives we are so often saddled with. And because she is someone who understands the need to think and act on principle—is desperately needed in office.

A quick review of the unprincipled behavior of public officials in regard to the Coronavirus Pandemic confirms how desperately we need people of character such as Lauren Boebert involved in public policy. In contrast to Lauren, too many public officials in responding to the pandemic have thrown moral principles to the wind and induced panic combined with destructive authoritarian controls including:

  1. Issuing bureaucratic edicts and arbitrary controls in the early days of the outbreak that greatly impeded the efforts of the private sector to develop testing methods for the virus and as a result caused it to spread exponentially (“Government Regulation of Medicine Created the Coronavirus Pandemic” , and How CDC/FDA Socialism Created The COVID-19 Epistemic Problem , and “How a South Korean Biotech Company Created COVID-19 Testing Kits in Three Weeks.”)
  2. Deliberately inflating numbers on Coronavirus deaths to extend authoritarian controls over the U.S. citizenry (“BIG FAT LIES: COVID doctors challenge CDC’s rules on cause of death, numbers are being inflated.”)

And thanks to their Big Tech enablers who also favor authoritarian control over the citizenry, have worked feverishly to suppress voices of dissent in regard to lockdown policies (“YouTube Censors Doctors Objecting to Coronavirus Lockdown” and “YouTube censors video criticizing Fauci and coronavirus response.”)

We the people of the United States of America need to take action to replace panicked  authoritarianism with principled words  and actions. And an important step in that direction is to support those running for office who understand that America was founded on the principle of individual rights—and that government is intended to protect and preserve those rights, not trample them to death.

Thankfully, Lauren Boebert has a clear understanding and belief  in the principles America was founded upon and has the integrity to stand by that belief.  For a review of Lauren’s principled actions in the public sphere as  compared to our public officials above, please see  my letter to the editor of the Grand Junction, CO Daily Sentinel (5/5/20) shown below. And to see Lauren in action as she acts on principle to defend her 2nd amendment  right to defend herself, please see her public confrontation  with presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke here.

Very best regards,

Mike Gemmell, Founder and President, Restore Our American Republic, LLC

A Principled Congressional Candidate for Colorado

It is evident to this observer that we need more adherence to principles, not less in our elected representatives, especially when facing crises such as our current issue–the Coronavirus Pandemic. As new information becomes available, it is becoming increasingly clear that public authorities around the country have employed panic rather than principled thinking, and as a result we are now witnessing a nearly wrecked American economy for a disease that 99.99% of those who contract will survive.

Who might we turn to as a new voice in Congress that understands the need for principles rather than inducing panic? I can find no better prospect than Lauren Boebert for Congress in Colorado. One look at her activities in the public sphere makes this abundantly clear. She unequivocally invoked the fundamental principle underlying our 2nd Amendment rights i.e., our right to defend ourselves—by publicly confronting Beto O’Rourke at a campaign rally in Aurora, CO over his disdain for that right. Principles matter to the American people as evidenced by the grassroots activity following Lauren’s action that galvanized resistance to O’Rourke and within weeks of their confrontation sent the unprincipled O’Rourke to the political sidelines.

Lauren also acted to repeal the National Popular Vote (NPV) as the second largest signature gatherer in the petition to repeal NPV— thereby preventing voters in Colorado from having their Presidential votes negated by more populous states. That action stemmed from her clear understanding of the Constitution and the rationale behind the creation of the Electoral College. Taking the moral high ground on principle and then acting to secure our fundamental rights is something that all-too-few public figures do—and is why we need Lauren Boebert in Congress.

Americans are hungry for someone to speak about and uphold principles. Lauren Boebert has proven that she is someone who does exactly that by standing up for the principle of our right to live freely, the foundation of America. I urge Coloradoans to support Lauren Boebert’s much-needed candidacy for Congress as a step toward bringing someone of high principles into Congress.

Mike Gemmell, Founder and President of Restore Our American Republic, LLC is a longtime resident of Colorado who recently relocated to New Mexico, and retains strong personal and professional ties to Colorado



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