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Standing Up to the Coronavirus Censors

Dear Friends and Freedom Lovers:

On Monday July 27th America’s Frontline Doctors a group of board-certified medical doctors  founded by Dr. Simone Gold held a Washington D.C. press conference on the steps of the Supreme Court to present their views on the COVID-19 lockdowns as well as the use of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19. However, after 17 million views of the press conference on Facebook and 80,000 views on YouTube, the video of the conference was removed from those platforms and Twitter for allegations that the video violated their “Community Guidelines.”  The video of the press conference “Silenced: The Video Big Tech Doesn’t Want you to See , America’s Frontline Doctors Reveal the Truth about  COVID-19.” is available from Blaze TV.

[NOTE: there is a membership signup to access the Blaze TV video, but the membership  is free for one month and can be canceled before the free monthly trial is completed.]

Big Tech platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter  are engaging in blatant censorship to shut down any support for the use of  hydroxychloroquine as an effective treatment for the COVID-19.  This action is only the latest in a series of attempts to shutdown dissenters who are disputing the party line that COVID-19 is a killer pandemic and question the continued lockdowns and authoritarian edicts by governors and public health officials such as Anthony Fauci.

Another attempt to throttle those dissenting from the public health narrative on COVID-19 involved Scott Jensen a Minnesota doctor and state senator who was investigated by the state medical board for questioning state and federal guidelines related to tallying COVID-19 deaths.  According to Jensen:

“I was forced to respond to allegations from accusers  I could not face. These people threatened to uproot my practice, my profession, and my life. “I chose to stay in the fight, to remain vocal, and to dedicate my time to continue to spread truth rather than allow fearmongering to run amok”.

   The state medical board finally dismissed the two complaints in late July without Jensen ever knowing who his accusers were. Dr. Jensen’s discussion of the complaint can be viewed here. The video is 12 minutes long and demonstrates how public health authorities are manipulating and outright falsifying COVID-19 death certificates to make the outbreak appear worse than it actually is.

Dr. Simone Gold, the founder of America’s Frontline Doctors was threatened with the loss of her job after  using   hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 patients and achieving  dramatically positive results. In addition, her essay to USA Today concerning policies on COVID-19 was materially altered i.e., censored without her permission. Dr. Gold expands on the issues covered at the Washington D.C. press conference in an excellent interview with Charlie Kirk, “The Big Hydroxychloroquine Lie, …”

The evidence is clear that the at-risk groups for COVID-19 are the elderly and people with serious underlying health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Those under 65 without serious underlying health conditions are at very low risk of dying from COVID-19.

Very powerful forces are at work to keep Americans in the dark about COVID-19 led by Big Pharma, deep state doctors such as Anthony Fauci, and the public health agencies. They have gone as far as to  falsify data in a paper claiming hydroxychloroquine was harming patients in one of the most prestigious medical journals in the world. ( “The Lancet Retracts Hydroxychloroquine Study”) Public health authorities have also ignored published studies on the safety and effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine such as the study at the Henry Ford Health Center that showed its effectiveness in  the treatment of 2,541 patients.

Next week I will be expanding on the material discussed here to show how the public funding mechanism has caused the takeover of the medical field by Big Pharma interests and created the perception that the Coronavirus pandemic is far worse than it actually is. I will be referencing the work of Dr. V.A. Shiva and his explanation of how Big Pharma, the Gates Foundation, and public health “deep staters” such as Anthony Fauci are pushing mandatory vaccination as  the only viable approach to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is how they hope to achieve control of the American people.

In the next post I will discuss specifics that the American people can do to stop this madness before it gets any worse. Step #1 is to circulate this essay and the link to the Blaze TV video, “Silenced: The Video Big Tech Doesn’t Want you to See , America’s Frontline Doctors Reveal the Truth about  COVID-19.”

Americans NEED to see this video to understand how we have been deceived and lied to by corrupt officials and totalitarian-wannabes. There is an effective treatment for COVID-19 in hydroxychloroquine. In addition, the lockdowns were never the right choice to ensure public safety. Lockdowns were not used in Sweden, Taiwan, or South Dakota and the results clearly show far fewer mortalities than states that have been fully locked down such as New York and California.

Very best regards,

Mike Gemmell, Founder and President, Restore Our American Republic, LLC

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