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Author Mike Gemmell

Mike Gemmell

Mike Gemmell is the founder and president of Restore Our American Republic (ROAR). Prior to founding ROAR, he was a geologist specializing in groundwater resource development, a technical writer, and a freelance writer addressing environmental and other cultural issues. For more information on his professional background please see:

A Time for Action: Syrian Refugees Flood the U.S.

Fellow Americans and Freedom Lovers Beyond Our Shores:

This message addresses the national security issue of un-vetted Syrian refugees entering the U.S. It begins with a question that goes to the heart of the issue, and it ends with a series of suggested actions to stop the un-vetted influx of Syrian refugees currently flooding the U.S. I am recommending this action to help prevent the destruction of the culture of the U.S. in the manner that is presently occurring all across Europe from the influx of Muslim refugees created by the civil war in Syria.


Q: How can anyone be opposed to a humanitarian mission to starving refugees from a war-torn country e.g., Syria?

A: We can be opposed to allowing refugees into the U.S. when large numbers of them are Muslims who refuse to assimilate and instead demand that the countries accepting them adopt their cultural ways, i.e., Sharia law and the treatment of non-Muslims as infidels who may justifiably be subjected to violence and abuse up to and including rape, murder, and acts of violent terrorism.

We can make this logical inference by observing the ongoing destruction of Europe that is staring us in the face in news stories virtually every day. Because Europe and its spineless and/or clueless leaders refused to listen to commentators cautioning them about the influx of refugees from Syria, they have been subjected over the past year to numerous terrorist acts (e.g., Paris and Brussels bombings) from refugees they have allowed in without proper screening processes, as well as massive increases in violent crime including rape and murder across the continent. In addition, leaders of European nations are beginning to favor Sharia law in the mediation of conflicts between its citizens and Muslims rather than Western legal norms. A recent instance of this is Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany agreeing to abandon the defense of free speech to prosecute a comedian who, in a satirical poem, had criticized Turkey’s President Erdogan promotion of an Islamist agenda ( That is a classic example of a Western nation capitulating to the demands of an Islamic perspective regarding what is acceptable speech.

The tragic truth is – Europe is going downhill fast and may not recover. In an extraordinary statement, Trevor Phillips, the former chief of Britain’s Equalities and Human Rights Commission recently admitted what outspoken cultural commentators (e.g., Brigitte Gabriel, Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, Nonie Darwish) have been saying about Muslims for years:

“For a long time, I too thought that Europe’s Muslims would become like previous waves of migrants, gradually abandoning their ancestral ways, wearing their religious and cultural baggage lightly, and gradually blending into Britain’s diverse identity landscape. I should have known better. . . Muslims are creating nations within nations.” (

Islam is a political-religious ideology of dominance and always has been. Because a large percentage of Muslims do not recognize the validity of Western culture, we are witnessing before our very eyes in ongoing news reports, their will to dominate existing cultures via the  Islamization (i.e., absorbing and/or pushing aside an existing culture) of Europe. This Islamization is accompanied by rampant violence across the entire European continent and rapidly increasing instances of terrorism. It may be too late to save Europe, but if Americans can stand up to our reckless, feckless president and his enablers in Congress—we can still prevent the Islamization of the U.S. How to achieve that is the subject of this missive.

Obama’s Plan to Destroy America

The seven years that Americans, and the world, have endured of the Obama administration have been an unmitigated disaster for the people of Planet Earth. When historians do the final tally of Obama’s legacy it will include the following “achievements”:

  • A complete mishandling of the Syrian Civil War. He dragged his feet in committing to any action in the Syrian Civil War due to three reasons: (1) having been previously pressured by the Pentagon to deploy troops in Afghanistan 2009, (2) misreading the Arab Spring as a pro-democracy movement, and (3) regretting his decision to intervene in Libya in 2011. He eventually publicly committed to commencing air strikes against Syrian President Assad and then backed out of the decision shattering his own credibility and shocking even his own foreign policy advisers. Into the vacuum created by Obama’s non-leadership moved Premier Putin of Russia who sent bombers in to escalate the conflict. Out of this Obama-created quagmire the greatest winner was ISIS who rose from the ashes of Syria and metastasized across the Middle East and Europe but who Obama refers to as a “jayvee team.” He then took up a low-intensity bombing campaign against ISIS that did little but annoy them. The result of Obama’s incoherent foreign policy has been to turn the U.S. into a paper tiger as well as destabilize the Middle East with the 3 million refugees from the war in Syria spilling out of the country and migrating to Europe where they are destroying Europe through the process of Islamization.  ( He then proceeded to announce that he is worried more about climate change than ISIS. (
  • Obama was true to his radical roots when he signed the Iran nuclear deal. As documented by Dinesh D’Sousza in The Roots of Obama’s Rage, (2010), Obama is motivated by an anti-colonialist rage against Western dominance, especially against the wealth and power of the U.S., the nation he has been elected to lead. He has been unable to grasp, and/or admit, that the U.S. is not a colonial power. The economic power of the U.S. has been achieved by implementing the capitalistic principles of profit and free trade on a global basis, not by colonialization and military conquest. His signing of the Iran nuclear deal—one that even Neville Chamberlain would not have been stupid enough to make—confirms his inability to see the U.S. as it actually is.

According to Obama, the deal would “ensure that all pathways to a bomb are cut off.” He managed to ensure” us of this even though the original assurance of “anytime, anywhere” inspections of Iran’s nuclear facilities was dropped from the agreement along with dropping the attempt to account for Iran’s past nuclear research, including its military dimensions. The truth about this colossal stupidity slipped from the lips of James Clapper, director of national intelligence when testifying before Congress in February 2016:

“We do not know whether Iran will eventually decide to build nuclear weapons . . . if the regime chooses to it maintains the ability to build missile-deliverable nuclear weapons.”

In addition, Obama’s extending an olive branch to Iran has resulted in celebrations as evidenced by a 22-year-old Iranian who along with tens of thousands marched in Tehran to commemorate the 37th anniversary of Iran’s takeover of the American embassy:

I am happy that I was able to come here today and as an Iranian I can put my fist in America’s mouth and say Death to America.”


  • And to cap his “achievements” and secure his “legacy” he has reaffirmed his determination to admit 100,000 predominantly Sunni Muslims from the Middle East that became refugees by his mishandling of the war in Syria. In taking this action Obama has ignored the descent of Europe into chaos and the warnings of his own FBI director who said there is no way to screen the immigrants to determine who they really are and what threat they might post to the safety and security of the citizens of the U.S. (

The madness of allowing unvetted Syrian immigrants into the U.S.–  even after viewing the unfolding disaster in Europe—has to stop, and it is up to the American people to do it. We cannot depend solely on elected representatives when the vast majority of both parties are either enabling Obama and his agenda, or are too weak and/or unprincipled to take any meaningful action to stop him. The future of the U.S. is literally at stake. This brings us to the issue of formulating an action plan to stop Obama’s destructive intentions.

An Action Plan to Stop Obama’s Influx of refugees into the U.S.

Neither Republican or Democratic leaders having any business whatsoever in pointing to the other party and claiming: “they are the problem.”  At this point, the leadership, along with most of the rank-and-file members of both parties—with a few notable exceptions—have shown themselves to be an utter disgrace to themselves and the citizens of the U.S.

It is time for we the people to lead our “leaders” until such time as they begin to step up and act like actual leaders rather than the spineless and/or corrupt individuals that far too many of them are. Grassroots organizations have been proliferating in recent years in recognition that Obama and most of the political class in the U.S. have utterly failed to protect the rights of the American people. I have been following the activities of the organizations listed below and have found each of them to be doing exemplary work particularly in the area of waking up the world to the dangers of Islam and to the importance of national defense and foreign policy in general. My suggestion to interested parties reading this missive is to select one or more of the organizations and their associated activities and to offer as much of your time, energy, and resources as you are able in a matter that for each of us as individuals and as a country is literally one of life and death.

  1. ACT For America ( – This grassroots organization of 300,000 members founded by Brigitte Gabriel (author of Because They Hate, and They Must Be Stopped) has built a nation-wide network of concerned people in the U.S. who are committed to promoting national security and defeating terrorism. They are actively involved in trying to stop the immigration of Syrian refugees until those refugees can be properly screened. Specifically, they are working with Congressman Brian Babin to pass bill TX-36, H.R. 3314, The Resettlement Accountability and National Security Act. The purpose of this piece of legislation is to put a halt to the immigration and resettlement of Syrian refugees until such time as they can be properly screened and vetted. ACT has formed an open letter to the U.S. Congress, that has been signed by over 53,000 people, expressing strong opposition to the resettlement of Syrian refugees. In addition they have formed a Resettlement Working Group to educate themselves and others about this issue. They also have created a DVD of the Capitol Hill Briefing, “Implications of the Syrian Refugee Crisis.” This DVD was filmed the day before the terrorist attack on Paris and led by two experts on the Syrian crisis, Ann Corcoran and Don Barnett. ACT is a non-profit organization and donations to their operations are tax-deductible.
  1. Special Operation Speaks ( – This organization led by military veterans has the following goals:
  • Educating Americans about and promoting remedies and programs to counter the ongoing dismantling of America’s diplomatic, informational, military and economic (D.I.M.E.) powers.
  • Educating Americans about Islamic jihad and Sharia and the existential threat to D.I.M.E. and America’s elements of power.
  • Uncovering the truth with regard to the Benghazi massacre including failed security preparations, abandonment of U.S. citizens in distress, and the blatant cover-up surrounding this national tragedy.
  • Protecting the rights, benefits, and privileges earned by active duty personnel and veterans for their honorable service to and commitment to our nation.
  • Supporting qualified congressional candidates or serving members who support and defend our Constitution.
  • Restoring credibility, integrity, and honor to the office of the Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America.

SOS has developed a petition to sign urging Congress to take action or protect our borders as well as other projects such as educating Americans about related topics such as hijrah – “jihad through emigration.” SOS is a non-profit organization and donations to their operations are tax-deductible.

  1. The Clarion Project (, The David Horowitz Freedom Center (, Pamela Geller (, and Robert Spencer ( – represent organizations and/or people who have been dedicated to exposing the Islamist agenda for many years and have developed principled, effective, activist programs to counter the threat of radical Islam based on the principle that everyone has the right to live their own life and make their own choices free of force or coercion. For further information on these organizations and their projects, please contact them directly. All of these organizations are non-profits and donations to their operations are tax-deductible.

Looking to the Future

America’s culture in virtually every major areas including politics, economics, business, education, science, art, and more has been deteriorating for many decades. There are reasons for this that in a nutshell can be summarized as follows:

Errors omissions, and contradictions in America’s intellectual foundation i.e., individual rights and its institutions based on these ideas have allowed outside ideological and philosophical toxins to be imported into the U.S. that have, in a 100+ year time span, poisoned our culture and caused great harm to our country and its individual citizens. 

Many people in the U.S. realize that something is very wrong with our culture and are casting about for an understanding of what has happened and why. Attempts are also being made to solve the problem of how we can begin restoring our intellectual foundation, the institutions dependent on that foundation, and our economic and cultural prosperity that also depends on the effective operation of that foundation. As part of this ongoing effort, I have founded an organization: Restore Our American  Republic with a scheduled website launch date of September  2016. The purpose of this organization is to promote cultural reform in the U.S. from an individual rights / pro-free enterprise perspective. The lead essay is titled: Restoring Our American Republic: Grassroots Action Holds the Key to A Free Future.  It is my sincere hope that readers of this message will be interested in the activities of this new organization founded for the purpose of restoring the republic in America.