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    For the better part of a decade I have been sounding the alarm concerning how misuse of the public interest principle has caused, and continues to cause, immense damage to the world’s first republic. Previously I have shown how the misuse of this principle helped to entrench an anti-industrial establishment in the environmental sciences in “Saving Science after Climategate: Recovering From the Loss of Scientific Credibility” and Solving America’s Greatest Conflict: The Public Interest vs. Private Rights.

That entrenched establishment has been for more than 50 years one of the most destructive forces in human history with its endless prophesies of doom–that NEVER come to pass, and the primary force behind an endless stream of laws/regulations that have needlessly shackled industry in the U.S. and around the world.

In the essay to follow, I will be exposing how the same destructive idea (“public interest”)  that entrenched the environmental establishment is being misused  to ignite another cultural tinderbox. In this case, the “public interest” is being misused to indoctrinate, first, teachers, who then pass on this indoctrination to their unsuspecting students. The indoctrination concerns the religious ideology of Islam in public school classrooms.  This can and must be stopped. If you would like to find out how this can be done, please read the essay that follows.

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Mike Gemmell
Founder and President, Restore Our American Republic, LLC


Photograph above accompanied the August 25, 2019 essay: “Uncovered: Mandatory, tax-funded, ‘Islamic Propaganda’ for teachers” by Bob Unruh for

The Public Interest Strikes Again: Public Funding For the Teaching of Islam

I will address the topic of our headline by answering the following five questions: What, Why, Where, When, and How.

What – is the program that is of so much concern?

The program of concern is a mandatory 2-day teacher-training program of Islamic propaganda where Islam is glorified, Christianity disparaged, and America bashed, all financed with public funds. The program was developed for teachers in Michigan’s Novi Community Schools District. The district “presented no teacher-training seminars on Christianity, Judaism or any other religion.”

The program “training” was conducted by Huda Essa, a self-proclaimed expert on “cultural competency.”  An investigation by the Thomas More Law Center of Ann Arbor, Michigan revealed that: “Essa provided no truthful information on Sharia law and jihad, two of the most important aspects of Islam. All references to terrorism were dismissed as having nothing to do with Islam.” Essa suggested that “White Christian males are more dangerous than Islamic radicals.”

Why – should citizens of the Novi Community Schools District and Americans in general be alarmed about this development?

Several reasons:

1.      The program is full of lies and distortions and is intended to be passed on as “truth” to unsuspecting students.

2.      The proper function of an educational program is systematic development of a child’s rational faculty, NOT indoctrination.

3.      It is the height of IMMORALITY to force parents to pay (via taxes) to have their children indoctrinated with values that they themselves do not agree with. Children belong to the PARENTS, not the SCHOOL DISTRICT.

4.      If they can get away with this outrage in a public school district in Michigan, then any public school district in the U.S. is potentially vulnerable to this sort of indoctrination if the purveyors of the program can sell it as being in the “public interest.”

Where else and When in the U.S. has this sort of indoctrination taken place on the taxpayer’s dime?

Huda Essa’s training program via the company Culture Links, LLC has been presented to teachers and instructors at colleges and schools in Michigan, California, Georgia, Texas, and Florida among other states. The program in Michigan took place in 2019. The time frames for the other programs cannot be directly verified by the company since it gives no contact information on its website.

How can this destructive use of the public interest principle and the resulting indoctrination of unsuspecting students be stopped?

By acting on as many of the following four suggestions as possible:

1.      Read the article by Bob Unruh of, “Uncovered: Mandatory, tax-funded, ‘Islamic propaganda’ for teachers” for the full factual basis that the material discussed in the present essay has been based on.

2.    Support the Code of Ethics project developed by the David Horowitz Center ( The Code of Ethics project is a nine point plan for state legislators to set up an independent board of accountability for K-12 teachers for the purpose of putting an end to the brainwashing of America’s youth. The Horowitz Center is working with key lawmakers in states across the country to champion legislation based on the Code. So far, they have met with 24 legislators and staffs. And bills based on the Code have been introduced in four states—Arizona, Maine, South Dakota and Virginia.

3.       Become more familiar with how the public interest principle has been misused in the past to cause enormous damage to the U.S. and also how it can be prevented from doing so in the future by purchasing ROAR’s first publication a short (38 p.), easy to read booklet – Solving America’s Greatest Conflict: The Public Interest vs. Private Rights, available in electronic and paper formats at Amazon Books.

4.      Share this essay widely on social media as well as with your personal/professional network.

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