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Climate Change and the Larger Cultural Picture – Round III

   The following essay is a follow-up to “Climate Change and the Larger Cultural Picture – Round II”. In that essay I noted the efforts by a number of groups around the world seeking to de-stabilize the current world order in order to take control and institute various ideologies that have one thing in common:

“subjugating the rights and happiness of individuals to some other authority either secular or religious.”

   But just as those groups are on the verge of a complete triumph worldwide, a subterranean underground movement that has opposed them for many years is finally beginning to break out into the open and reach the minds and hearts of men and women around the world. The result is an ever-intensifying conflict the likes of which few if any of us in today’s world have ever witnessed. This is where Restore Our American Republic (ROAR) with its stated mission”

“to improve human life in the U.S. and beyond by restoring the Republic in America and its distinctive institution of individual rights” 

… comes into the picture.

   I have been involved in the underground movement advocating individualism in public policy for the past 30 years and based on those 30 years of experience,  it is my firm belief that the key to turning the tide toward a long term triumph of individualism in America and around the world is the level of grassroots involvement and support. I will elaborate on the whys and wherefores of that belief, but, first, let’s review the current events that have transpired since “Climate Change … Round II” was posted.


Happenings since “Climate Change and the Larger Cultural Picture – Round II”

   Much has happened since “Climate Change and the Larger Cultural Picture – Round II” was posted. For starters, the Progressive liberals in the media are continuing to take a beating with the “outing” of their corrupt ways by Project Veritas. In this video, (Click Here) Project Veritas exposed the bias and personal vendetta that CNN President Jeff Zucker has against President Trump.

   Things are equally bad for the liberals in Congress and their attempts to impeach President Trump. The wheels have all but come off Nancy Pelosi’s mockery of representative government in the impeachment proceedings initiated against President Trump. Brigitte Gabriel, founder of Act for America in a short video (Click Here) presents an articulate and passionate appeal to grassroots America to flood Congress with demands that the impeachment proceedings be ended, and it appears that her appeal is being acting on by many and will eventually result in the cessation of that particular farce.

   But even though that attempt to unseat a duly elected president will probably fail, there is still great danger for President Trump and constitutional government in  general in the U.S. Victor Davis Hanson explains why this is so and the tactics the liberals in congress are employing in ”Democrats Are Trying To Wear Down The Physical And Mental Resilience Of Donald Trump.”

“I think they are trying to wear down the physical and mental resilience of Donald Trump … I think people think at some point the legendary Trump physicality is going to crack … Each one of these assaults, whether it’s Mueller, the 25th amendment or whistleblower it’s like an invisible little crack in an eggshell and at some point maybe this whistleblower or Ukraine business, the final tap will just implode everything and he will be gone and we won’t have to worry about him anymore.”

   Other areas to be concerned about are the ongoing damage of Progressive liberal policies such as what California is experiencing. California’s woes include enormously destructive fires, increasing outages from an outdated electric grid, a growing homeless problem, and excessive taxes/regulations that are driving millions out of the state. Details of this ongoing tragedy are available in: “Californias Disastrous State Illustrates Limits of Progressivism.”

   There are also numerous problems from forces outside the U.S. such as the ongoing war in Syria, continuing attacks by Islamists, havoc being wreaked on the world economy by central bankers, and China’s machinations in geopolitics. (For more on the threat that China represents to the U.S., please see The Hundred Year Marathon by Michael Pillsbury.)

   The Presidency of Donald Trump is considered a grave threat to those both inside and outside the U.S. wishing to institute various ideologies that have one thing in common:

“subjugating the rights and happiness of individuals to some other authority either secular or religious.”

   Making these forces increasingly desperate is their intentions are now increasingly being brought out into the open by the “outing” of the mainstream media. That “outing” is causing the alternate media sources to experience significant growth in readership. The alternate media sources include old stalwarts such as World Net Daily and The Drudge Report and newer kids on the block such as The Epoch Times.

   And finally, the appeal of socialism is growing in certain areas due to  Progressive liberal policy failures, “Liberal Policy Failures are the Reason for Socialism’s New Appeal.”

In short, we have a very volatile situation, one that needs grassroots involvement more than ever.

   Now for the good news:

“The needed leadership and growth of grassroots efforts to turn back the efforts of Progressive liberalism and anti-individual ideologies (e.g., socialism, radical Islam) are developing and growing in their effectiveness.”


The Grassroots Solution

   Let’s start with leadership. Some of the outstanding leaders on the public stage today actively promoting freedom, prosperity, and human flourishing while combating anti-individual ideologies include: Alex Epstein (Center for Industrial Progress), Jennifer Grossman (The Atlas Society), Charlie Kirk, (Turning Pt USA), Tom Deweese (American Policy Center), Brigitte Gabriel (ACT for America), and James O’Keefe (Project Veritas), Other organizations offering ideas and leadership include: The CATO Institute , The Heartland Institute , Americans for Prosperity, and the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

These people and organizations are making great progress toward winning minds and hearts for policies to promote human flourishing on earth. All of them will benefit from grassroots support in their operations.

Q: Why is grassroots support so effective?

A: Because grassroots movements are always value-based, and what we have in today’s world is a crisis of values.

Values are the vehicle for defining who we are and what we want, and help us to develop our life’s purpose, or mission. This gives them enormous motivational power. When we present a philosophic viewpoint consistent with our values, we can rouse people to action, and sustain that action with our values serving as both fuel and desired end result (i.e., cause and effect).

This is what makes grassroots movements so powerful when combined with the needed leadership to focus the movement’s efforts.

Restore Our American Republic (ROAR) is also participating in grassroots efforts supporting the ongoing effort to stop the spread of destructive anti-individual ideologies and promote policies that allow human flourishing.

If you or people in your personal/professional network wish to get involved in this effort–as I sincerely hope you do–please consider one or more of the following suggestions:

  • Contact any of the individuals and/or organizations listed above and ask how you can best support their activities.
  • Share this essay far and wide via social media and by any other means at your disposal
  • Consider supporting the ROAR organization by becoming a subscriber. Click here to go to our subscribe signup page. There is no cost or obligation.
  • And lastly, spread the word about our upcoming product release as described previously in “Climate Change and the Larger Cultural Picture – Round II.”

   By recognizing the gathering cultural storm and coming together via grassroots efforts we can weather that storm and help usher in a prosperous and flourishing future both in America and around the world.


Mike Gemmell
Founder and President, Restore Our American Republic, LLC


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