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The Roots of War

Following the brief discussion below concerning free speech is the main essay for this issue of “The Week in Review.” The Roots of War discusses the ideas presented in Ayn Rand’s seminal essay and why they are relevant in today’s world more than ever. – Mike Gemmell    

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Education: The Key to Restoring the Republic in America

Lisa VanDamme founded the VanDamme Academy in 2001 after working several years as a private homeschool teacher for two children. According to Miss VanDamme, the goal of education is the following:

“The proper goal of education is to foster the conceptual development of the child—to instill in him the knowledge and cognitive powers needed for mature life. It involves taking the whole of human knowledge, selecting that which is essential to the child’s conceptual development, presenting it in a way that allows the student to clearly grasp both the material itself and its value to his life, and thereby supplying him with both crucial knowledge and the rational thinking skills that will enable him to acquire real knowledge ever after.

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A Moment in Time

With this, the third post of ROAR’s “The Week in Review,” I have decided to change the format a bit. We’ll start with bullet points concerning the theme of the post and then following the bullet points will be some analysis and conclusions. This week’s post “A Moment In Time” concerns reflections upon the recent election of Donald Trump as the next president of the United States and the political/cultural implications of his election – Mike Gemmell November 18, 2016

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Honoring America’s Men and Women in Uniform

Fellow Americans and Freedom-Lovers beyond our shores:
iraqi-war-memorial-for-u-s-soldiersMany of us are angry and frustrated by various harmful and often unlawful activities of the Obama administration as well as those of regulatory agencies under his watch, but none has done more to upset me than the mistreatment of our men and women in uniform, both active and retired. From the mismanagement of the VA Administration, to the purging of top military leaders who refuse to knuckle under to Obama’s political correctness, and worse, to the actual lives being lost by a president with no grasp of strategic defense or foreign policy.

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Grassroots Activism in Action: The Rank-and-File of the FBI vs. James Comey and Hillary Clinton

The defiance of the U.S. Founding Fathers toward the king of England was the catalyst in the establishment of the world’s first republic. It is a spirit that still lives inside America and here at ROAR we celebrate that spirit. Why you may ask? Because to identify and root out the corrupting influences in America’s cultural/political system will require the American people to stand up and challenge individuals and institutions who are actively trying to destroy it.

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