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Crosspoints: A Novel of Choice

   The inability to grasp and defend the values underlying the individual rights foundation of the U.S. has been the Achilles heel of the Republican Party leadership for over 100 years. Time and again they have failed to understand that political rights require a moral foundation so

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The Fourth “R” in Education: Reading, WRiting, ARithmetic and ARt

The following speech was first delivered by Alexandra York during the “Art and the Moral Imagination” conference at Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Michigan and re-printed by Vital Speeches of the Day. Ms. York has graciously allowed it to be reprinted here to support the launching of ROAR’s website.

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Danger, Romance, and Heroism in the World of Diamonds

One of the hallmarks of great fiction is when an author is able to dramatize value conflicts in order to convey an unforgettably inspiring message, one rich with meaning, while at the same time delivering a story suspenseful enough so that readers are unable to tear themselves from the pages of the work until late into the night. In my opinion, no writer in today’s world does this more consistently than Alexandra York, and her latest creation, ADAMAS, is a fitting addition to her earlier works The Innocent and Crosspoints: A Novel of Choice. With ADAMAS she has once again created a riveting, romantic suspense novel with a beautifully drawn hero and heroine who inspire us with their courageous actions while providing us with the kind of food for the mind and soul that stays with the reader long after the final page has been turned.

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