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Restore Our American Republic (ROAR) was founded to restore the foundation of individualism in America.¬†No structure whether it be a building or a system of ideas can long survive without a solid foundation.¬†ROAR’s mission is to¬†initiate political and cultural reform for the purpose of¬†restoring the foundation of individualism in America.


For many years and especially in the past decade a culture war has been gradually intensifying across America. It is the outward expression of two irreconcilable views:

  • pro-individual (life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness)¬†versus
  • anti-individualist ideologies that wish to:¬†subjugate the rights and happiness of individuals to a centralized unelected authority.

Unfortunately, in recent years public health authorities at both the national and international level have indicated their desire to re-engineer society and attack our foundation of freedom and the foundation of individualism is rests on:

Ministers of health should take advantage of the devastating impact to get out the message that ‚Äúchanges in the functioning of the global economy‚ÄĚ are needed to ‚Äúdistribute wealth‚ÄĚ on the basis of ‚Äúvalues such as ‚Äúcommunity, solidarity, equity, and social justice. — World Health Organization¬†¬†Director Margaret Chan, 2009

‚ÄúLiving in greater harmony with nature will require changes in human behavior as well as other radical changes …¬†Chief among them are reducing crowding at home,¬†work, and in¬†public places¬†as well as¬†minimizing environmental perturbations –¬†Dr. Anthony Fauci, August 2022

“Distributing wealth” and “Living in harmony with nature” are NOT matters of public health. They are ideological positions and are the driving motivations of enormously destructive policies such as lockdowns, mandates, and demands for universal vaccination.

These are policies being forced upon the American people using alarmism concerning a disease, COVID-19, that 99.9% of the people who contract it, recover from. In short, our public health officials and other government officials are not being transparent with the American people about their true intentions.



To counter this threat (ROAR) is developing a booklet due out in¬†October 2022¬†titled:¬†Restoring the Republic in America: Why We Need it, How to get it¬†¬†. The booklet will not only explain how this threat developed via misuse of the General Welfare principle (a.k.a. “public interest”, “greater good,” “good of society,” etc.), but will also present a¬†blueprint¬†demonstrating how to counter it and begin the restoration of America’s foundation of individualism.

Toward that end,¬†America Out Loud senior scientists Dr. Jay Lehr and Tom Harris generously invited me to participate in a lively and enlightening discussion on this topic. Our discussion recorded on August 4, 2022 and titled, “The Fight to Preserve Individual Freedom” is now available on the America Out Loud website under “The Other Side of the Story.” To listen to the podcast, please click HERE.

Our podcast is accompanied with an essay elaborating on the issues involved. The essay is titled:¬†“Restoring the Once-Great American Republic”.

My hope is after reading Dr. Lehr and Tom Harris’ essay,¬†‚ÄúRestoring the Once-Great American Republic‚ÄĚ and listening to our discussion on¬† the¬†America Out Loud website at “The Fight to Preserve Individual Freedom”¬†–¬†you will want to know more about ROAR‚Äôs upcoming booklet,¬†¬†Restoring the Republic in America: Why We Need it, How to get it.

To receive periodic updates on its development, and notice of its publication in October 2022,  please provide your contact information in the form below. After providing your contact information, please press HERE to receive your complimentary copy of our previous work Solving America’s Greatest Conflict: The Public Interest vs. Private Rights. That publication will provide you with an excellent introduction to the key issue, i.e., misuse of the public interest principle that has

entrenched an anti-individualist ideology in our scientific research institutions and public health agencies culminating in the authoritarian overreach we have been subjected to during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you have any questions concerning our upcoming publication, Restoring the Republic in America: Why We Need it, How to get it, please contact us at 

–¬† Mike Gemmell, Founder and President, Restore Our American Republic

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Restoring the Republic in America: Why We Need it, How to Get it will show how  systemic corruption in the public health community and government agencies developed over a period of decades culminating with the massive authoritarian overreach occuring during the COVID-19 pandemic. That response is part of a larger international cultural trend intended to

cede the rights of Americans to an unnamed, unelected authority as part of a cultural phenomenon known as “The Great Reset.

Restoring the Republic in America…¬†will show how this trend — and the attack it represents on America’s individualist foundation — can be¬†reversed¬†by framing reform proposals in terms of fundamental personal values that achieves¬†transparency¬†on the part of all interested parties. The achievement of transparency on all parties will help bring to light existing arbitrary and/or contradictory elements in existing or proposed policies that can then be reformed to be consistent with America’s foundation of liberty and personal freedom.

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How to STOP the LOSS of Freedom in America and RESTORE Your RIGHTS

Solving America’s Greatest Conflict:

The Public Interest -vs- Private Rights

  • Society as a whole is not a living entity; it is an abstraction, or concept.
  • Society does not experience, feel, or think, only individuals within a society can do that.
  • Because society as a whole is not alive, it cannot have interests or moral status.
  • Rights, interests and moral status can only be protected for individuals, not societies.

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Mike Gemmell is the Founder and President of Restore Our American Republic (ROAR).¬†ROAR’s mission is to¬†initiate political and cultural reform for the purpose of¬†restoring the foundation of individualism in America. Prior to founding ROAR, he was a geologist specializing in groundwater resource development, a technical writer, and a freelance writer addressing environmental and other cultural issues. His work in recent years has focused on the role of the public interest principle and its misuse in the area of environmental research¬† and¬† public health resulting in¬†the entrenching of¬† an anti-individualist ideology¬†in government agencies of the U.S. that is¬†hostile to personal liberty¬†and freedom of choice.

Prior to the founding of ROAR, I worked for 11 years as a hydro-geologist and 16 years as a technical writer documenting business processes and products. During that time I wrote polemical pieces on the destructive aspects of the environmentalism philosophy and offered a pro-human standard of value as an alternative to the mainstream environmentalist approach to resource depletion and pollution issues. (My essay ‚ÄúEnvironmentalism Humanized‚ÄĚ in Liberty for the 21st Century on the ROAR website presents a summary of that work.)

In recent years I have broadened my focus to include other areas of our culture affected by the decaying foundation of individualism, including politics, business, economics, science, education, and art/culture. ROAR will present approaches toward the strengthening of America’s foundation in these areas as well as championing the work of activists and organizations working to restore the republic in America.

Restore Our American Republic August 6, 2017